North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea at DMZ was shot 5 times, military says


A North Korean soldier was shot at least five times as his comrades unleashed dozens of rounds at him during the man’s desperate dash to defect at the Demilitarized Zone on Monday, the new details painting the escape as a more harrowing effort than what was initially reported.

The unidentified North Korean soldier-turned-defector remained at Ajou University Medical Center near Seoul on Tuesday, recovering from gunshot wounds that left him in “very dangerous” condition, said Lee Guk-jong, a doctor leading the medical team for the soldier. South Korea’s military said he suffered injuries to his internal organs but wasn’t in a life-threatening condition — however, the medical center said the soldier was relying on a breathing machine after his surgery.

“[We] will have to ride out the crucial moments [in his recovery] over the next 10 days,” the doctor said, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency. He added the soldier’s survival would be determined in the coming days.