Soldier seen his Mom after 5 years

June 28, 2016

US Army Specialist Kyle Kracht had not seen his mom in 4.5 years and he suprise her by appearing in her kitchen in West Jordan in Utah . His mother is shocked and crying after seen his son . US Army Specialist Kyle Kracht says that he have seen some of their friends that was planning to suprise their mothers and he do that too . Some of the words that…


What a Battle with Canada and USA Training ( Video )

June 23, 2016

We want to serve something that is very hard and no one surrender since two soldiers go tired and in street , two fight very hard to win and other soldiers too motivated each their Soldier to win this battle on street , we have Soldiers in around of World and they are very strong and good trainers . For more you can see this battle about Canada Soldier and…


U.S Army training hard ( Video )

June 8, 2016

We have some of moments of U.S army they are very improver on  their training ,  they are very hard and difficult to make completed , but U.S army can do everything even if is hard and impossible .